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Founding and Recent Members:

Barry Bartlett 10 Ply
Even the clown took to skis
Heads or Tails
Wayne Roper
Adriene Edwards
This Boat a trade exhibit worth  1800 - 2000 pounds!
16' Cruiser powerd by a 40hp Outboard

At the time of the formation of the Monaco Boat Club, Barry Bartlett had the fastest boat.  It was a 10 foot ply, powered by a 7 ½ West Bend Outboard.  It did 18 mph and the timing was done with Manuka pegs set at a quarter of a mile apart and timed with a stop watch. A few weeks later the Earle Brothers, John and Robin launched their own boat which was an 18 foot Inboard speed boat that did 36 mph.

Foundation Member Nev Walker, owned a highly polished maroon coloured inboard launch.  While out fishing one day, a shark bit the transom on the corner leaving deep gouges.  He fixed the problem, (The Shark) with a stick of Gelignite!

The Founder and first Patronof the Club was Gill Frost who lived in Nayland Road Stoke, where most of Nayland Road consisted of farms and orchards.

The first Commodore was Harry Chisnall who owned a dairy farm in Songer Street, Stoke. Harry had a clinker built boat with a Norman Inboard engine with a top speed of 6 mph. When Harry was young he was offered all the Monaco Peninsular for seven shillings and sixpence an acre - i.e. 75 cents an acre. The first Vice Commodore of the Club was Noel Stewart. At the official opening of the Monaco Jetty, Noel followed the Commodore’s boat intending to anchor close by.  He threw out his anchor but unfortunately had forgotten to tie on the rope!

The first Secretary was Harry Johnson.   Harry lived on The Point and for many years he was the mainstay of the Monaco Boat Club.  Harry was a keen fisherman with a passion for netting flouder. The first Treasurer was Bill Moore who lived in Richmond. Bill was an Army Warrant Officer in the Second World War and was a member of the Nelson, Marlborough, West Coast Regiment.

Residents of Monaco who were club members were  Paul Casa, George Beets,  Noel Russ,  Bob Toll,  Ron Branford,  Harry Johnson,  Keith andWayne Roper,  Frank McWhaa and Mr and Mrs Foster. As they lived close by, they were handy for working bees and other events held by the club. Mr and Mrs Foster also donated land at the point end of Monaco which is now a small reserve.

Most of the boats owned by members were Clinker built, powered by Inboard and Outboard motors.  The Inboard motors being mainly Briggs & Stratton and Norman brands and the Outboard motors were Archimedes, Penta,   British Seagull, Chrysler, Evinrude, Johnson, McCullock, Mercury and West Bend.

Launches were powered by Ford 10hp,  Ford V8,  Chrysler straight eight (that is eight cylinders in line) Buick V8, Rugby 4,   Pontiac and Dodge.   These motors were car motors converted for marine use.

In 1956 the first boats built with Marine ply were appearing. This ply was imported from Canada and America with the building plans from the USA taken mainly from Science and Mechanic books. New Zealand designers were Johnny Sagar and Don Kilner from Christchurch and Carl Augustin. Present day boats are made of Aluminium, Fibreglass, and Resin reinforced with Cavalar.

In the intervening years many members have done a lot of great work for the club at executive and other levels. From the beginning of the club to the present day, the membership has been made up of grandparents, parents and children and today, many members take part in ski races and boat races.  Most are also members of the Rotoiti Power Boat Club with a few affiliated with the Antique and Classic Boat Club.


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